The Museum and Learning Centre


The Museum and Learning Centre (MLC) was opened in 2017 after several years of fund raising and planning. Situated within the grounds of the County Ground it is easily accessible via the Stumps cafe in the Grace apartment block. The MLC was created through a strong collaboration with Clip Display Ltd, who contributed massively to the design, layout and effectiveness of displays with their international expertise.

On 21st April 2017 we were proud to have former Gloucestrshire CCC captain and hero Mark Alleyne to officially open the Museum and welcome our first visitors. Since then we have welcomed hundreds of guests, including school and community groups, as well as cricket enthusiasts to discuss the heritage of our beloved cricket team.

Through careful consideration we designed an educational and involving experience within the MLC, inviting our visitors to interact with the Museum and its displays to further discover the history of this famous club. It is organised into themed display areas, colourcoding them in the club’s colours to make the learning experience more beneficial to younger visitors.

Blue: GCCC England Test Players
Yellow: W. G. Grace & Family
Brown: Historic Bats and Balls
Silver: The One Day Kings
Green: Overseas Stars of GCCC
Red: World War 1 Commemoration

Within these exhibitions we hold fascinating memorabilia including the Benson & Hedges Super Cup, won in 1999, along with memororabilia from that final. We also hold a collection of bats, balls and other cricketing equipment signed by some of the most famous cricketers of our time, including Brian Lara, Courtney Walsh and Jack Russell


Opening Times

Accessed through Stumps café on match days, the MLC  is open for an hour before play, during the lunch break and, volunteers permitting, during prolonged spells of bad weather. Visits to the MLC are free of charge but donations are greatly appreciated!

We welcome visits from schools, colleges and from any other interested groups or organisations. Visits such as this are by appointment only and generally take place on non-match days.

Primary school group visits not only enable children to experience new things but also to apply the skills they are learning in school to meaningful and enjoyable heritage and cricket related activities.


How to Contact Us

  • Email GCCC Heritage Trust:
  • Pete Lamb, Community Engagement Officer Gloucestershire County Cricket Club  07487659777
  • Gloucestershire County Cricket Club Reception: 01179108000



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